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CBC dethrones CJOB… but what does that mean to advertisers?

The spring 2015 radio statistics results from Numeris were released recently and the biggest story for the Manitoba market is CBC Radio One’s jump to top place among adults 12+. The move pushes CJOB from its long-standing number one position.

While this is probably great news for a public broadcaster, it’s not really all that helpful to advertisers. Most agencies and national advertisers use the Adults 25-54 demographic when planning media campaigns, not a 12+ demographic. That, and there’s no advertising on CBC Radio One.

So what does this all really mean?

Not much, if you’re trying to determine how best to use radio in the Winnipeg market. We’ve analyzed the market share for breakfast, day and drive because those are the times of the day we typically plan for the majority of our clients.

The spring 2015 results don’t show any changes for the top three stations – 92 CITI FM held onto the number one position with a 13.3 market share, while 103.1 Virgin Radio increased slightly to an 11.6, and QX 104 jumped up to 10.3. CBC Radio One had a very slight increase to 9.4, however as we cannot buy advertising on this station, they will not be counted in our top five stations.

99.9 BOB FM moved up a spot to land in the number four position with 9.0. The drop CJOB had against A12+ becomes more evident against this demo and caused the station to fall from four in fall 2014, to seven this spring, with a 5.5 market share. This gave room for KiSS 102.3 to land in the number four position at 6.4, even though they were slightly down from the fall. TSN1290 jumped up an entire point to tie KiSS 102.3 for fourth position also with a 6.4 share to round out our top five stations in the Winnipeg Central market.

Still, what does it all mean?

Using the latest Numeris surveys provides a good indicator as to which stations you should be considering from now until the fall survey results come out in late November, but they don’t always tell the full story. Since spring 2013, 92 CITI FM has always been up top, fluctuating between a low of 11.9 to a high of 13.6 in spring 2014.

TSN 1290 has shown consistent growth since fall 2013, when they were only showing a 2.1 market share, while others have been steadily declining over the past few surveys. Some stations tend to fair better in spring vs. fall or vice versa. Add in stations who maintain a fairly consistent market share year round, it all becomes a bit of an art as we try to predict how it will all play out come fall.

A lot has happened in the market since the fall 2014 report. On January 30th, Power 97.5 rebranded to 97.5 Big FM and changed format from active rock to classic rock. On February 13, 102.3 Clear FM was re-branded to KiSS 102.3 but continue to play adult contemporary music. On the same day, Fresh 99.1 also rebranded with a new logo and switched formats from hot adult contemporary to modern adult contemporary. Of the three, only Fresh 99.1 saw a significant change in market share, dropping just over a full point.

Survey results on their own don’t tell you the best mix of stations to use in order to hit your target level of GRPs, reach and frequency, but McKim’s media department will take this information to help plan an optimal radio campaign.

Here’s a quick look at how the market shapes up for spring 2015 for Adults A25-54.

Spring 2015 diary results
















Source: Numeris SP15; Market Share; Based on Adults 25-54, Breakfast, Day, Drive (Mo-Fr 6a-7p); Diary. See the full report online

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