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McKim Communications Group opened its Saskatchewan branch in 2010. This office meets the growing demand for innovative advertising, design and communications in Canada’s fastest growing province.

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What’s Your Traveller Type?

As part of the process of a request for proposal we worked on for Travel Manitoba recently, everyone at the agency took the Canadian Tourism Commission quiz to discover our individual traveller types. Learning and comparing our travel styles was tons of fun and putting our spin on each group turned out to be a whole lot more quirky than anticipated. Anyone care to join Tom on his dreamy short-haul journey? Take the quiz to find out your type!


Adam, Carey, Kathryn, Lisagh, Meagan, Naomi, Sara, Tess and Trevor – You don’t want to miss the tourism hotspots. You like to see and do a bit of everything – and you like it best if that includes a bit of indulgence like a meal in a top restaurant or a massage at a spa. You get a charge out of a high-energy party atmosphere and gravitate toward experiences that deliver this. Bombers game anyone?


Brent, Jesse, Koen, Lauren, Linda and Ron – You guys take travel in stride and integrate it into your lives as a matter of fact. You want to connect with and feel part of the local culture – enjoy your tundra buggy tour getting up close and personal with polar bears!


Audra, Chris, Peter, Tamara, Tammy, Tracy – You enjoy spending half a day at some obscure art gallery/tea house even more, because you’ve researched it so thoroughly beforehand, and it’s something you can do on your own, not a part of a crowd. But you’re likely to join the crowd at Manitoba Opera, not just because you appreciate the art form and believe its intrinsic value to society – but because the storylines are so freakin’ juicy!


Gary and Kiirsten – Forget luxury accommodations – you’d rather hang out in a rustic cottage or take a road trip with a bunch of friends. You might join the Authentic Experiencers on their polar bear tour, but you guys are the ones that go home with the Inuit guide to carve soapstone sculptures and nibble on smoked seal. Yum!


Jaime and Neil – don’t bother me, I’m quite happy sitting on this comfortable deck chair watching this gorgeous sunset, but yes, you can bring me a drink. You appreciate well-organized travel experiences where little is likely to go wrong – all aboard the Folklorama bus tour!


Patrick – You really like getting away from it all. Literally. You can be found… well, no, you can’t, because you like the idea going somewhere no one can find you. But you don’t go too far off the beaten path and you do like a bit of pampering, too. So enjoy your soak in the mineral pool at Elkhorn Resort after a day of cycling on the trails. Don’t worry, no one from work will be there.


Tom – When you need to recharge, you are likely to jump in your car and enjoy the prairie scenery as you hit the open road. (As long as it’s a road you’ve travelled before, know where you’re going; what to expect; how long it will take; who’s going to be there; and what beer they’ll have on ice when you get there.) Other than that you’re totally cool. Whatev, right?

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Posted by McKim