The McKim Communications Group headquarters are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As an award-winning agency, it serves a host of non-profit organizations, small businesses and corporations in Manitoba and across the country.

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McKim BrandWatch

Earlier this year, McKim Communications Group and Probe Research partnered on a quantitative research study, called McKim BrandWatch, to measure Manitoban perceptions of significant brands that operate in the province.

While not exhaustive, the survey looks at a wide variety of sectors, and attempts to capture consumer perceptions of regional and national brands that play a major role in the lives of the majority of Manitobans.

The research explores brand attributes based on three categories: trust, attachment, and the Net Promoter Score. All three categories were tallied into an overall ranking. This list was released recently to the Winnipeg Free Press.

The data in the McKim BrandWatch is very deep, the bulk of which was not released to the media. The research will allow us to analyze brand perceptions based on a variety of demographic and geographic inputs. With our comprehensive understanding of this research, and as a strategic agency that excels in brand perception, we’d be happy to share the data with clients and non-clients alike. Please contact us to set up an appointment.

We think McKim BrandWatch is an important measure of brand equity. This is the only scientific appraisal of brand strength available in this market and the first in what is hoped to be an annual survey.

McKim BrandWatch ranking

McKim BrandWatch ranking

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