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Campaign Earns High Engagement

CBCRA found that in 2013, Manitobans recycled the most empty beverage containers in a single year since the Recycle Everywhere program was introduced in 2010. In its annual review, the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association found the recovery rate for empty beverage containers in Manitoba increased to 61 per cent from 53 per cent in just one year. The recovery rate was 49 and 42 per cent in 2011 and 2010 respectively.

It’s no surprise it worked. The agency’s 2013 campaign for Recycle Everywhere, which showed empty beverage containers being transformed into new and useful products, scored an exceptionally high level of public awareness in a survey. Eighty per cent of respondents recall seeing the ads, with 78 per cent able to recall the campaign unaided.

Additionally, 66 per cent of respondents agree they are more likely to recycle their empty beverage containers because of the campaign, and 93 per cent report they learned that the containers are transformed into other products once recycled.

“That’s a lot of empty bottles, cans, cartons and juice boxes that can now become something new such as airplane parts, clothing, beverage containers and more,” says Ken Friesen, Executive Director of CBCRA. “Manitobans recycled enough empty beverage containers in 2013 to fill 891 railcars.”

Lastly, the ads for the “Transformation campaign,” as the 2013 campaign came to be called, cleaned up at Manitoba’s 2014 annual advertising awards.

See the latest Recycle Everywhere ad campaign.

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