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What’s Next for Canadian TV

Yesterday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Communications (CRTC) announced that by next year, Canadian viewers will have access to basic cable packages where they can pick-and-pay for the channels they want. 

The ruling was the biggest news story in the country yesterday, and it’s still trending today. The ruling signals that the CRTC has heard that many Canadian TV viewers want to choose their own channels, as opposed to pre-packaged bundles by the cable companies, and in the end, pay less.

But it’s all part of a major shift. Viewing habits and the mediums upon which Canadians choose to watch TV are changing and will continue to change. And likely at an even larger scale, major changes are yet to come for the advertising industry, broadcasters and cable companies.

On last night’s The National on CBC, the agency’s Director of Media, Koen Reynaert was asked for his opinion on the future of traditional TV broadcasting, and whether or not “it is dead.” He not only said that traditional TV is alive and well, but that it has and will continue to have its advantages, especially when it comes to advertising on live events, sports, and local and news programs.

As an aside, Koen basically predicted yesterday’s ruling and commented on the trends in a comprehensive story on the future of TV that he wrote for this website last fall, following the CRTC’s “Let’s Talk TV” hearings.

Koen Reynaert, Director of Media, talks to CBC TV about traditional TV broadcasting



















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