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10 things we’ve learned

When you work at an agency you learn tons of interesting statistics and facts from new and existing clients. It’s part of the “information dump” process that typically happens early on in a project.

Here’s our list of 10 interesting tidbits we’ve learned on the job recently:

10. Jordan: I learned that the Canadian boreal forest (which covers about 70 per cent of Manitoba) is the largest remaining intact terrestrial ecosystem in the whole wide world. Which is amazing, and a little troubling.

9. Lisagh: Buffalo mozzarella comes from an actual WATER BUFFALO. Just sayin’.

8. Sara: Well… I learned what the proper unit of measurement for a heroin needle is. It happened when I went to a pharmacy to buy needles for props for an ad campaign. When I told the pharmacist one would be used in a photo shoot to depict a heroin-filled needle, he schooled me on how users would totally know that our ad wasn’t accurate because of the cc. I was like, “We’re not using them to sell heroin, buddy.”

7. Tamara: I learned that downtown Winnipeg has been recently experiencing its first boom in over 100 years, with more than $2 billion invested since 2008.

6. Neil: I’d say my knowledge of beer has increased exponentially – and is now on par with how so-called wine snobs might evaluate their favourite wines. So thanks to our Beer 101 creative for Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, no longer will I choose my beer based on the rookie notion of it being “light,” or a “bit hoppy.” No. There’s a whole new set of criteria I must consider – body, flavour, etc. From now on, if pizza is on the menu, I will reach for my favourite tart beer!

5. Linda: I learned what a correction line is in Saskatchewan. Apparently because of the shape of the province (province is narrower at the top than at the bottom), so when homesteaders were dividing land into quarter sections, they needed to make adjustments when mapping.

4. Lisagh: I was recently telling a guy I met in the airplane that recycled glass bottles are used in the construction of roads. Who knew?!

3. Jordan: I’ve also learned the difference between whiskey and whisky. Whisky is distilled in Scotland, Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe. Whiskey is made in Ireland and America. There are some differences in the distillation processes and the use of grains, but the spelling will tell you where the liquor is from. That’s why you’ll see some whiskey alongside some whisky at the liquor mart.

2. Jesse: The difference between various different cost/risk-sharing models of infrastructure development delivered via a P3 – for instance, there’s design-bid-build, design-bid-build-operate-maintain, design-build-operate-finance, etc. Each one has a different approach for calculating net present value and life cycle costs. Trying to turn that into a web ad, sweet ——!

1. Audra: I was surprised to learn there’s a specific kind of maple leaf we use here in Canada to depict the national emblem (right). The leaf that can be mistakenly used is a Norwegian maple leaf (left), as opposed to the native maple leaf.

Just in time for Canada Day. Happy Canada Day!