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Regina Water Campaign

Regina is Canada’s fastest growing city. As the city continues to boom, expansion of its water service and construction of a new treatment facility will be needed.

The City of Regina wished to communicate the upcoming changes to residents and engage them on the importance of the upgrades.

“The challenge of this advertising campaign was how do we communicate upgrades to infrastructure, no matter how essential, if it’s almost entirely out of sight?” explains Jesse Cringan, the MCG Account Director on the City of Regina account. “So we put water front and centre by communicating water’s importance in residents’ everyday lives.”


Jesse describes the agency’s approach as direct and commonsensical.

“Our goal is to remind residents that while water is something we may take for granted, maintaining and enhancing our water system ensures that one of the most vital attributes of a city is not only available, but safe and reliable for generations to come.”

The six-week ad campaign ran in Regina from November and December 2011 and could be seen in print, online and on transit kings and also heard as radio ads.

Phase two of the campaign will be rolled out in winter 2012 and will focus specifically on system maintenance tips for homeowners.