The McKim Communications Group headquarters are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As an award-winning agency, it serves a host of non-profit organizations, small businesses and corporations in Manitoba and across the country.

Address 211 Bannatyne Avenue
5th Floor
Winnipeg, MB R3B 3P2
Phone 204.284.2221
Fax 204.475.2469

Brent Morrisseau – Story Teller

We thought you might like to get to know us better by profiling our staff. We’ll start off by introducing associate creative director and senior art director Brent Morrisseau, who is also president of MCG’s sister agency, Brave Strategy — Manitoba’s first Aboriginal majority-owned advertising, design and marketing agency.

Language Lite

Okay, Okay. We did it. We’re sorry. Really, really sorry. It’s advertising’s fault that the English language is in the toilet. Well, the Internet and e-com must take their share of the blame too. It’s our collective fault that your kids think “Lite” is a word and that it’s acceptable to replace “you” with “u”. Please accept our sincere apologies.

What we do


We get hired because clients are excited about what we can do for their brand. The brands we develop are strategically focused, creatively resonant, tactically precise, and help organizations transform their internal and external relationships.


Good advertising is that rare combination of art and science. It’s where ideas are used to sell while data and analytics are used to reach. With a focus on digital and emerging technologies and a solid foundation in traditional media, the McKim strategy, media and creative teams all work in partnership. The results we help our clients achieve speak for themselves.

public relations

Integrating public relations into an advertising agency environment brings a unique and powerful perspective to our work. Our strategic services communications component combines public relations, media relations and social media to help you share your important messages.


It’s one thing to understand how to reach a target audience with digital media, it’s quite another to provide an engaging experience that motivates a response. McKim combines strategic digital media analysis with creative approaches and content to seamlessly integrate every brand touch point.


Why hire an ad agency for graphic design? Good graphic design is at the core of all our work, and at McKim design is more than simply making things look good. Our work incorporates strategy and structure to create visuals that inspire and inform.