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Transformational Recycle Everywhere program

Since early summer, Manitobans have been exposed to a series of ads that show what can become of their empty beverage containers. It’s all part of a comprehensive campaign for the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA) and its program, Recycle Everywhere. The campaign is based on an agency-developed concept that demonstrates that once recycled, empty beverage containers can be transformed into a variety of useful products that Manitobans use.

The campaign launched with radio, print and digital ads, and various out-of-home executions that showed that the empty bottles, juice boxes, cans and cartons can be recycled to become baseball bats, frying pans, jackets, patio furniture, tissues and parts for airplanes.


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In late summer, products such as cameras, road bases and catalogues were added to the print, radio, outdoor and digital ad mix.

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Agency-produced TV ads began airing in late summer. Each shows the dynamic transformation of an empty beverage container into a useful product.


To celebrate and encourage beverage container recycling efforts in real time, MCG has been assisting Recycle Everywhere orchestrate experiential activities in busy Winnipeg public places. Since late summer, unsuspecting recyclers who’ve tossed their empty beverage containers into one of the Recycle Everywhere Magic Bins, have been treated to much fanfare, including prizes made from recycled materials, such as bikes and jackets. And much of it’s been caught on video.


Behind and in front of the scenes, MCG has been generating news media coverage for and about CBCRA, Recycle Everywhere and some of their partners.
The agency worked with news media to generate coverage for the first few Recycle Everywhere Magic Bin events. A social media plan helped create buzz on the ground.

To officially launch Recycle Everywhere 101, MCG wrote news media materials and coordinated an October press conference at a Winnipeg school . Recycle Everywhere and partners were featured in several live interviews and news stories. The province-wide program was created by CBCRA and Recycle Everywhere to help schools boost their beverage container recycling efforts.

MCG also approached The Winnipeg Free Press on the campaign and the resulting story, “Ads put new spin on blue bins,” was featured in paper.